Three Ways to Manage Holiday Stress with Senior Loved Ones

Ways to Manage Holiday Stress for Seniors // Radiant Senior LivingThe holiday season is upon us! For many people in this busy day and age the holiday season is often one of the best opportunities to spend extended periods of time with elderly loved ones. The time is perfect for creating new, special memories.

The holidays can be a stressful and busy time between holiday shopping, scheduled events and family gatherings. These stresses can be difficult for seniors. However, a safe and happy holiday can be had by all with a little preparation. Plan to manage holiday blues, busy schedules and holiday meals for an enjoyable holiday season.

Tips for Managing Holiday Stresses for Elderly Loved Ones:

  1. Schedule holiday travel with seniors in mind. In traveling to and from holiday events take the time to plan for frequent breaks and regular meal times. Take into account that medications may need to be taken at certain times and plan for that need as well.
  2. Manage holiday blues with engaging activities. Melancholy can be a very common response to the holidays. Letting elderly loved ones take a part in the planning of holiday affairs may be a way to keep them engaged and courage socializing. Socialization may help stave off some of the melancholy. The help of a professional should be sought out if the depression goes beyond general holiday blues.
  3. Plan for a successful holiday meal by considering diets and comfort. Holiday meals can be grand affairs and filled with special memories of family and friends communing together around a table full of holiday delicacies. Make the meal enjoyable for all involved by considering special diets when preparing the food. Make sure your senior guests are comfortable by making sure that they have ample room and are close to the restroom.

Check out our post with tips for a Successful Holiday Meal with Elderly Guests for ideas on how to make your holiday meal enjoyable for all!

A little preparation can go a long way in creating a memorable holiday for everyone involved. In addition to taking steps to creating a successful holiday plan for your elderly loved ones, the holidays may be a good opportunity to make sure your loved one’s needs are being taken care of throughout the year. Keep your eye out for warning signs of depression or self-care needs and take a moment to discuss future plans with the seniors in your lives.

What do you do to help relieve some of the holiday stress? Comment below!


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