Is it Time to Move to Independent Living?


Independent Living offers seniors comfort while allowing a relaxed, independent lifestyle. It may be the right retirement option for active seniors looking for a care-free retirement. Below are questions to ask yourself or a loved one when considering making the move to Independent Living:

  1. Are you regularly interacting with peers, family or friends?

Isolation from other people can lead to loneliness or depression, making social interaction necessary for good mental health. If you are seeing friends less often, missing activities you enjoy or are looking to engage with others more often, then the move to a community with an active and diverse social schedule may be a great option.

  1. Are you able to maintain your current home with ease?

Regular maintenance in a home– such as cleaning, mowing the lawn, and tending to house repairs—is a safety concern for many seniors. Making the move to a community that manages these chores is a smart idea for seniors that find necessary maintenance tedious or difficult.

  1. Are you able to attend appointments or engagements with ease?

One of the amenities that many Independent Living communities offer is transportation to and from appointments. If you are beginning to find driving or public transportation uncomfortable or unsafe then you may find this amenity reassuring.

Note: Independent Living typically provides services that assist with daily tasks such as driving to appointments or taking out the trash. However, if you need assistance with daily living activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, medical assistance, or additional personal care then Assisted Care or communities that offer higher levels of care may be needed.

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