The Transitions Program™

"Radiant Senior Living was the first in the state of Oregon to create communities specifically tailored to a memory care program. " - The Transitions Program // Radiant Senior Living

Radiant Senior Living was the first provider in the state of Oregon to create communities specifically tailored to a memory care program. Our programs have been providing quality care to residents since 1989. However, what most people are unaware of is the basis of our model: smaller, carefully segmented programs that include customized levels of care. A prime example of this is found in our Transitions Program™.

What Is the Transitions Program™?

The Transitions Program™ looks slightly different at each of Radiant Senior Living locations, but the purpose and mission is the same; to provide individual, customized care for residents. For those who are still physically independent but may be experiencing the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease or other memory loss conditions, this program provides a supportive, nurturing environment.

“It’s a wonderful program that helps you and your loved ones feel comfortable in needing a little more assistance. It’s there to help residents and their loved ones adjust to the resident needing a little more help,” says Jenny, a Medication Aid from Farmington Square in Beaverton.

A program like this is very beneficial to families who feel that they are taking something away from their loved one by making the decision to place them in a memory care setting. Residents can have access to additional staff and resources more geared toward their needs while still maintaining an independent lifestyle.

How does the Transitions Program™ Benefit Residents and Their Families?

Because our building design is smaller, our staff is more readily available and is able to stay much more well-informed of resident needs and preferences.

“Staff members can always go above and beyond to make our residents comfortable,” said Jenny.

We recognize that deciding what type of care is best for your loved one, especially if they are experiencing memory loss issues, is difficult. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the information you need so that you can make the best decision.

“The beginning stages of memory loss can be a difficult transition, but through this program we can provide more support for the resident and their family,” said Jennifer, a Resident Care Coordinator from Farmington Square-Gresham.

Radiant Senior Living communities feature smaller size with more attention from staff and a family setting that is unparalleled. Our personalized care featured in programs such as the Transitions Program™ is a testament to that fact.

Those with dementia need different levels of care. Our program allows individuals with like needs to be housed together, which helps residents to maintain their highest level of independence and community. This arrangement works to makes them feel more comfortable and properly stimulated in their environment.


As Yolanda, a Resident Care Coordinator at Farmington Square- Tualatin puts it, “We are the best.”

It is through the Transitions Program™ and other resident-need based innovations, that Radiant Senior Living has established itself as a leader in customized, quality care.

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