Success at Any Age

Do you have a dream that you have put on hold over and over again? The time is here to give that dream a second look. Whether it is starting a new business, setting out on an adventure, or picking up a new hobby, people can embark on successful new journeys at any age, in careers and hobbies in and out of the limelight.

Seniors who have proven that success has no age limit

Success isn’t just for the young. Don’t take our word for it, instead, take the examples of the following success stories that began later in life!

Julia Child, Chef & Author

Well-known chef and author Julia Child, born in 1912, debuted her first cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” at the age of 49 and wrote more than a dozen cookbooks in the decades to follow. She debuted her show “The French Chef” at 50 years old and continued doing the show for 10 years. She then took on new cooking shows through the end of the 1990s when she was in her late 80s. She passed away in 2004, at the age of 91, having left her mark on the cooking world and beyond. quoted her as having said, “In this line of work…you keep right on till you’re through.”

Judge Judy found success later in life - See more examples of how you can achieve success at any age on the Radiant Senior Living blog

Judge Judy Photo via David Shankbone CC3.0

Judge Judy, Judge & TV Personality

Judge Judy Scheindlin, born in 1942, served in New York’s Family Court for 25 years until she left in 1996. That same year, at age 54, she started the “Judge Judy” televised court show that remains on the air 21 years later. She is now 75 and, according to her website, signed a multi-year contract through 2020 to produce new programming. She has published several books, her first having come out when she was 54. She once told the New York Daily News, “I’m not tired. I still feel engaged by what I do and I still have people who like to watch it.”

Colonel Sanders, Food Chain Owner

Harland Sanders, better known as Colonel Sanders, was born in 1890. He served as a blacksmith’s help, fireman, lawyer, insurance salesman, laborer, and a motel owner, according to his biography on It was not until 1952, at age 62, that he franchised out the first Kentucky Fried Chicken, having impressed people with his chicken containing 11 herbs and spices. By 1964, at age 74, he had created a successful food chain across America. He sold the corporation that year for $2 million, retaining its Canadian operations. He passed away in 1980, having left behind a legacy that spread across the world.

Fireboard Decorated by Grandma Moses in 1918 - Public Domain

Fireboard Decorated by Grandma Moses in 1918 | Photo via Public Domain

Also proving age is just a number:

  • Jack Weil remained CEO of the western-wear brand Rockmount Ranch Wear until age 107.
  • Painter Anna Mary Robertson Moses began her painting career at age 78. In 2006, a painting of hers achieved $1.2 million.
  • Writer Harry Bernstein penned “The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers,” which earned him literary fame at age 96.

Success at Any Age - Radiant Senior Living Blog

Success doesn’t have to be about making it big or going down in the history books. Success can be as simple as completing a long-held goal or mentoring someone else to achieve their goals. Begin your own journey to success by thinking about what success really means to you and giving it a try!

Skills to try out on your own journey:

  • Cooking: Seek out a new recipe, gather ingredients, and make something new.
  • Technology: Try to learn more on a device you find challenging, like a smartphone, computer, tablet or e-reader.
  • Arts & Crafts: Whether drawing, painting, collaging, scrapbooking, taking photos, knitting, sewing, or making soap, exploring creative outlooks is fun and rewarding.
  • Foreign Language: Learning a new language is so great for the brain, it physically increases it.
  • Writing/Language: Reflect through journal posts or compose poems, spoken or written.

Did you know?

National Senior Citizens Day is coming up on August 21! We are celebrating all month long by sharing some of the amazing things our seniors are doing in their efforts to be successful in their own goals. Follow along and share your own with the hashtag: #SeniorsBeingAwesome

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