Pioneer Village and Farmington Square Eugene Receive Deficiency Free Surveys!

Great Job

All assisted living programs are governed by the state of Oregon who has set rules and regulations.  A survey team comes in to do an inspection to assure the rules and regulations are being followed.

Comparing an assisted living program to a restaurant, it is like getting a 100% on a health inspection. Getting a good score on a survey means getting your license renewed for 2 years. A survey team looks at the population that is at the greatest risk and does a very detailed review of the care that is provided. Every residents chart reads like a story following their medical conditions.  The survey team expects to be able to follow the story without missing a beat.

The survey reviews all of our operations, inside and out.  They observe kitchen and dining, they observe staff interactions with residents and families, and so much more.

They asked for 6 months’ worth of resident council minutes, and their comments reflected that residents were very vocal and did not back down until issues were resolved. The surveyors observed that residents feel respected at Pioneer Village and Farmington Square Eugene. The surveyors felt that resident voices were heard.

A deficiency free survey means that we have accomplished our mission by providing for resident needs. Radiant Senior Living is proud to announce the success in a deficiency free survey for both Pioneer Village in Jacksonville, OR and Farmington Square in Eugene, OR. We sincerely thank our wonderful staff and others for making this possible, and we pledge to the communities who depend on us to continue forward with this standard of care.

For more information about us or our communities visit our website here, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or give us a call at 503-595-2810.

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