Perfect Gifts for Seniors this Holiday Season

If you’re looking for gifts for the seniors who are dear in your life, read on for ideas that are sure to bring joy to them. One gift doesn’t fit all for any one person, so our list is separated into categories to help you find the perfect one. We wish you and yours a happy holiday season!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors | Radiant Senior Living Blog


  • A microfiber bedside rug would provide fantastic comfort and warmth for a senior just waking up and stepping out of bed. If you think they would prefer a rug that is a little more fancy, a faux sheepskin bedside rugs look both stylish and comfortable.
  • Heated foot warmers could be great for keeping seniors’ toes warm in the winter. Please be mindful of an older person’s ability to monitor and use such a product, for safety reasons.
  • An assortment of herbal teas along with a mug would be a fun and warming gift that is perfect for the holiday season. Nowadays, there are so many varieties of teas available.


  • Battery re-chargers are easy to find and can save a lot in battery costs. You just have to make sure the batteries that are going to be used in them are re-chargeable.
  • A key finder may bring a lot of joy to a senior who experiences the frustration of misplacing keys or other items. One brand that we have used that can help with locating keys, wallets, and cell phones is Tile Mate, which works well and is not difficult to set up.
  • A gardening seat would be great for a senior with a green thumb who loves to work with plants, but does not wish to kneel down.

Food Fun

  • Often seniors will speak of recipes they used to make that they haven’t made in ages (for any number of reasons). If you happen to have a favorite recipe of theirs, what could be sweeter than making it for them, hand-delivering it, and letting them know how much their special dish means to you? If you want to give them something that stirs up happy culinary nostalgia without having to cook, you could also seek out a cookbook specific to their cooking style that features dishes from years passed.
  • Make a few homemade dishes or desserts that would be easy for one to enjoy without much preparation on their part, such as a lasagne, frozen cookie dough, a nice pasta salad, or a batch of chilli. Here is a Food Network chilli recipe.
  • Homemade fudge or chocolates from a candy shop are always well received – just be mindful of nut allergies, and that caramels may be hard to chew for some. Here is a fudge recipe from Taste of Home.

From the Heart

  • One of the best gifts we can think of that you could give a senior at any time throughout the year is your time, and letting them know that you care. Seniors benefit greatly from spending time with their friends and family, and knowing that they are there for them and wish to be near them. Whether it means visiting over a meal, doing a puzzle, or watching a movie next to them, it is sure to be meaningful.
  • Make your loved one a photo album, filled with pictures of happy memories that express your connection and which bring joy to them again and again. If you don’t have a lot of photos, consider framing one special photo.
  • If your favorite senior lives in a senior living community, schedule some time to join them in games, cooking, crafts, or physical activities there – or lead an activity. This would require the community’s permission, but would be a sweet thing to do for many seniors to enjoy.

Health Helpers

  • A Himalayan Salt lamp will look beautiful on a bedside table and is said to provide air purification by releasing negative ions into the air. Benefits of such lamps that have been touted by many include reduced allergies, cleaner air, and mood boosts.
  • A monthly pill organizer would be a big help for an older person who has specific medicines to take on different days. A talking alarm clock and medicine reminder would be a fantastic accompaniment.
  • “The Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook” features more than 150 recipes to help people lose weight, lower their blood pressure, and prevent diabetes.  The DASH diet is listed as the Best Diet Overall by US News and World Report for healthy eating. (We always recommend that a doctor be consulted before diet changes.)


Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Seniors | Radiant Senior Living Blog

Tech Treats

  • A sound machine would be a great gift for seniors who have trouble sleeping. Such machines can provide comfort with white noise, ocean waves, raindrops, or gentle music.
  • A doorbell or telephone light-up signaler would be helpful for an older person who has trouble hearing the phone or doorbell. There are various companies that make these.
  • A tablet can help older people keep in touch, and will provide entertainment. If  your gift recipient is tech savvy – many seniors are – then they can seek out the apps, games, movies, and music they want. It is a great idea to setup the home screen for them with easy access to apps they may like to use before giving as a gift. Showing a senior how to use a tablet with patience and care will likely lead to hours of enjoyment for them down the road.

Note – We have not been approached or paid to endorse any product mentioned.

What is the best gift YOU have ever received? Share in the comments below!

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