iN2L: Game-changing Senior Living Touch-Screen Technology

Seniors benefit greatly each day from engagement and connections. There is no denying the importance for older adults to regularly connect with family and friends; engage in cognitive, physical, and creative interactive activities; and have the space to explore their interests, hone their hobbies, and learn about the world. In Radiant Senior Living’s family of communities in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada, a system called It’s Never 2 Late, or iN2L, makes all of these forms of engagement and creating connections a reality.

What is iN2L?

The iN2L system is built on a picture-based, touch-screen interface that allows users to simply “touch” their way to find engaging, educational, spiritual, and personalized content that is appropriate for their own level of ability. From using e-mail and web cams to connect with family and friends, to enjoying mind-stimulating activities, to improving hand-eye coordination as part of a rehabilitation program, elders with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities, most of whom have never used a computer, are now enjoying technology, using systems adapted especially for them.

The system features over 4,000 pieces of content from music, movies, games brain games, and exercise. With the addition of peripherals, residents can enter a world of virtual reality – riding a bike through another county or flying an airplane using a flight simulator.

Many Radiant Senior Living communities offer both a large screen iN2L system in a common area, as well as a mobile setup that can be brought into residents’ personal spaces. The iN2L system offers picture-based, touch-screen interfaces. Email and web cams can be accessed for communication, and profile areas, travel simulation, games, movies, music, the web, and learning tools, are all available at the push of a button.

Life enriched by iN2L technology

Radiant Senior Living communities began using iN2L in 2017 in addition to their life-enrichment activity programs already in place. The result was nothing short of amazing! Residents took to the technology with curiosity and enthusiasm. Some wanted to partake in groups more so than on their own, while others gravitated toward self-guided and personalized activities right away. 

In Southern Oregon, Farmington Square Medford’s Life Enrichment Director, Dawn Rand, said staff and residents love iN2L’s features that engage residents of all cognitive and physical abilities – from sensory exercises, religious services, and brain games to the ever-popular “Family Feud” and “Price is Right.”

“I work in memory care and it has been a fantastic tool for our residents,” Rand said. “We have traveled the world with their travel adventures [and] our residents have loved reminiscing about trips they took long ago.” Rand also spoke highly of musical activities that seniors benefit from in iN2L. “Singalongs are a daily event when we sing along with Suzy Q and Karaoke!”

Seniors benefit from iN2L at Bozeman Lodge

Several states away in Montana, Life Enrichment Director at Bozeman Lodge, Leah Weaver, spoke to how the system helps seniors continue to learn.

“The program provides opportunity for some residents to experience technology,” she said.  “We play a lot of brain games which promotes learning and reminiscing and socializing with other residents.”

Leah Weaver, Life Enrichment Director at Bozeman Lodge

Weaver added she loves what it does for engagement. “The Bozeman Lodge residents love the trivia games and word games. These games provide opportunities to collaborate as a group.”

When media members heard the word that seniors benefit from iN2L in Radiant Senior Living communities, many wanted to see the systems in action. Journalists visited RSL communities in several states to learn and share about the system and its benefits – especially for those in memory care.

Central Oregon Life Enrichment Director at Farmington Square Eugene, Trixie Wentz, appeared in a segment for NBC’s KMTR16. She feels passionately about the systems benefits.

“The joys that we get from using the iN2L for activities is something we look forward to each day,” she said. “[Residents’] eyes brighten up at the colors; the horn playing when they get a BINGO! We like to travel to an area where they have been and watch their faces light up because they recognized the destination!”

She added, “Seeing the residents eyes light up, their toes start tapping or singing a long – these are a few of our favorite things that make us feel we just made their day better.“

Trixie Wentz, Life Enrichment Director at Farmington Square Eugene

See the iN2L system in action:

To test the system out for yourself or see in person how seniors benefit from iN2L, visit a Radiant Senior Living community near you!

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