Celebrating Halloween with Senior Loved Ones

Celebrating Halloween with Senior Loved OnesHalloween is a favorite holiday for many. It gives us an excuse to dress up, eat candy and have fun. This year, while you’re busy picking out your kids outfits, buying the candy for trick-or-treaters, decorating, and getting ready for parties, don’t forget to make time to celebrate with the senior citizen in your life. As we age, holidays can become a stressful time, so here are some tips on how to help them celebrate, and enjoy the holiday, stress-free!

Celebrating Halloween with Senior Loved Ones

  • Decorate– Perhaps the senor in your life has some favorite Halloween decorations, but putting them up isn’t possible due to physical limitations. Spend an hour over the weekend and dedicate it to helping them. Include them by asking the memories behind their favorite decorations, and ask them where to place them.
  • Scary Movie– Find out what their favorite classic scary movie is and enjoy a movie night with them. You can make some fun fall themed snacks like popcorn, apples with caramel dip, and hot chocolate.
  • Carve/Decorate a Pumpkin – It is always a fun family tradition to carve or paint a pumpkin. A fun weekend activity could be bringing pumpkins over your loved one’s home, and having them help however much they are able to in the carving or painting. Have them pick out the pattern they want carved into their pumpkin. Purchase a battery operated candle and leave it in the pumpkin, so your senior can enjoy its light and no worry about fire hazards. This is a fun way to engage children as well.
  • Shop for them– Ask your senior loved one if you can go buy their favorite childhood candy for them, so they can hand it out to the trick-or-treaters. If they don’t feel comfortable answering the door alone, offer to go stay with them Halloween night and assist them in handing out candy. Suggest dressing up together to make the experience even more fun.
  • Trick-or-Treat-If you have children, take them by your seniors’ house or community trick-or-treat.
  • Halloween Alternative– Halloween isn’t for everyone. If your loved one does not celebrate the holiday, consider other harvest themed activities to celebrate with this time of the year. Focus on pumpkins, caramel apples, leaf pressing, baked goods and telling their favorite stories of autumns when they were young.

Celebrate from a Distance

If you live far away from a senior in your life, the above may not be doable. Here are some additional ways to include your senior in your families Halloween celebrations:

  • Send photos- If your loved one uses a cell phone that is able to receive picture text messages, make sure to send a picture of your family’s costumes/party to them so they can see what you are doing to celebrate.
  • Send crafts – Have your kids send a small craft or coloring that is Halloween themed and send in the mail.
  • Send both! Have your kids paint a picture frame, put some Halloween stickers on it, and then print out a picture of their costume to go inside. Mail the artwork and make sure to date it!

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