Fred Meyer Partners With Farmington Square Tualatin

Farmington Square Tualatin would like to humbly thank the Fred Meyer Gardening Department for their partnership over the past few months. With their help, residents have been able to enjoy beautifully manicured gardens and common areas.

Farmington Square in Tualatin with Gardening Partnership // Radiant Senior Living

Radiant Senior Living communities are always making efforts to foster good relationships in their communities, so Farmington Square Tualatin was glad to have the opportunity to work with the Wilsonville Fred Meyer. It all began with a chance meeting at the Wilsonville store. The Activities Director at FS Tualatin was on a shopping excursion with several residents and was approached by a manager at the store with the idea for a partnership.

Since that time, Farmington Square Tualatin has been blessed with plants and weekend volunteers from the Wilsonville Fred Meyer. We at Radiant Senior Living believe the results of this partnership speak for themselves!

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