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Importance of Day and Respite Services // Radiant Senior Living

As a company of caregivers, we are in the unique position to understand that you have many responsibilities which can often cause the relationship between you and your loved one to become strained. The tasks of everyday life can grow so quickly. As they do, consider what Radiant Senior Living can provide: peace of mind, quality care, and a comfortable environment for your loved one. We also recognize that you may not be ready for the transition to full-time care, but perhaps you need to take an occasional day to yourself.

This is the very reason that Radiant Senior Living provides Day Care and Respite (overnight) Services. To provide loyal caregivers with a break, while their loved one can be supported by the trained staff and plentiful resources available at our many locations.

How Can Day and Respite Services Benefit the Resident and Caregiver?

These services in their simplest form are a short stay with one of our communities. The resident can take advantage of all of the services and resources we offer for up to 30 days while their regular caregivers are away. This is an excellent option for those who are not quite ready to make the transition into full time care, but would like to utilize our services temporarily.

“There is a time that [respite and day care service] is an important place for a family to be. Maybe they aren’t ready for the transition into a care setting,” said Steve, the Administrator from Farmington Square-Tualatin.

Rest assured that we take these services just as seriously as those for our regular residents. Steve went on to say that the staff employ the same level of diligence in preparing for someone to come in on day care or respite as they do with a permanent move in. He strongly emphasized the necessity of understanding the needs, appropriate activities, as well as the background and medical information so that the community can serve that individual resident properly.


These services are available for many reasons but mainly because many of our staff members have cared for a loved one in similar circumstances. We recognize the sacrifices and diligence required to be a suitable caregiver.

“When they [caregivers] don’t take care of themselves, it’s really hard on the person they’re trying to take care of,” said Leila, the Community Relations Director at Farmington Square-Tualatin. These services are here to help caregivers take care of life while still upholding their responsibilities as a caregiver. At Radiant Senior Living, our goal is to provide a comfortable, caring environment for your loved one whenever you need us.

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