Getting Creative in the Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease

 Former Baycrest Village Resident Uses Artwork to Bring Awareness to Parkinson’s Disease

Dusty Harrington-Collins, a former resident of Baycrest Village Health Center in Coos Bay, Oregon, got creative in the fight against Parkinson’s disease in 2014. His artwork served as a way to help raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease.

Mr. Harrington-Collins shared his passion for raising awareness for Parkinson’s Disease with the team of Baycrest Village Rehabilitation Center during his stay. His passion spread throughout the community.

Dusty Harrington- Collins Gets Creative in Raising Awareness for Parkinson's Disease // Radiant Senior Living Blog

Dusty Harrington-Collins posing with his art gallery at Baycrest Village. Sold paintings helped raise over $600 for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

Mr. Harrington-Collins, a retired Army veteran, has enjoyed painting for more than 20 years.  Shortly after his diagnosis of Parkinson’s in 2008, he says he held an even greater appreciation for his favorite hobby and found painting to be a therapeutic release.

“When I’m painting, it seems like I can do it forever. I just feel relaxed and am not even thinking about Parkinson’s,” says Mr. Harrington-Collins.

Mr. Harrington-Collins also saw his art as a way to help raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s research and the team at Baycrest Village agreed. A gallery of his artwork was shared on the walls of Baycrest Village. Guests, staff and residents were invited to enjoy his works and given the opportunity to purchase works in support of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF).

“I was asked to display my pastels there and they were received most graciously,” said Mr. Harrington-Collins.

He pledged the money earned at the gallery and sale of his paintings to PDF. Mr. Harington-Collins donated the proceeds of all 18 sold paintings, totaling more than $620.

“These donations were made by the generous staff at Baycrest Village Rehabilitation Center in Coos Bay, Oregon.”

"To Be Alone" Image by Dusty Harrington- Collins to raise Awareness for Parkinson's Disease // Radiant Senior Living Blog

“To Be Alone” by Dusty Harrington-Collins

Harrington-Collins Artwork Chosen form PDF’s Creativity and Parkinson’s Project

In addition to his gallery showing and donation, Mr. Harrington-Collins was one of nearly 400 other artists living with Parkinson’s who have shared their artwork and experiences with PDF’s Creativity and Parkinson’s Project.  The Project explores, supports and encourages the therapeutic value of creativity in Parkinson’s.  His pastel of a mountain landscape was chosen among these individuals’ works to be featured in PDF’s annual print calendar, which is distributed nationwide to nearly 20,000 people.

“I am proud to have my pastel paintings shown in PDF’s Creativity Calendar to help inspire others living with Parkinson’s.”

He was selected as one of the thirteen artists whose artwork appeared in the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s (PDF) 2014 Creativity and Parkinson’s Calendar. His pastel painting entitled, “To Be Alone,” appeared as the month of November artwork in the nationally-distributed charity calendar which helps raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease.

“After over four months of kind, caring, and professional guidance of the staff at Baycrest, I am going to walk again and return home soon,” shared Mr. Harrington-Collins.

Baycrest Village is proud to have been able to be a part of Mr. Harrington-Collins rehabilitation and mission to bring awareness to Parkison’s Disease.

More about the PDF Calendar

To view more of Mr. Harrington-Collin’s artwork and others in the online gallery, visit  For more information about the Creativity and Parkinson’s Calendar, contact the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation at (800) 457-6676 or

More About Dusty Harrington-Collins

 The World Newspaper in Coos Bay’s article on Dusty Harrington-Collins, “Battling Disease with Art” by Emily Thorton

About Parkinson’s

 Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly one million people in the US.  Although promising research is being conducted, there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s.

About Baycrest Village

 Baycrest Village offers a complete continuum of retirement and senior-care services. It is located on 14 beautiful acres in a natural setting, overlooking the spectacular bay views of North Bend, Coos Bay and surrounding areas. The community was recently voted by The World Newspaper’s readers as 2014’s Best of the South Coast in Senior Living and Rehabilitation Therapy. To learn more about Baycrest Village visit our website



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