Ashley Pointe and the 2013 Commute Challenge!

Paul Fredericks Bike Picture
In May of this year, Ashley Pointe participated in the Commute Challenge, where employees of an organization challenge themselves and others to ride their bikes as much as possible!

This year’s competition had over 14,893 participants from over 1,000 organizations everywhere from state of Washington to Washington D.C.

Ashley Pointe did such an excellent job and won in several categories overall:

  • They tied for 1st place for Commute Rate for a team; our team biked for their commute 100% of the time!
  •  They took 1st place for most trips per rider for the month, at an average of 24 trips.
  • They also took 1st place for most miles per rider at a whopping 1,124 miles per rider on average, that’s almost twice the miles of the second place winner!
  • Our Activities Director Paul Fredericks also won most miles overall (out of over 14,000 riders) for an individual, at an astounding 1,631 miles!

For more information check out this article all about the challenge! We are so proud of our team at Ashley Pointe for these wonderful achievements and their pursuit of an economical, healthy, and enjoyable method of travel!

Featured photo via CC Terminals & Gates Flickr

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