American Red Cross Fundraisers: Over $6,000 donated!

Breakfast with our communities // Radiant Senior Living

Photo CC license via The Culinary Geek Flickr

Special pancake breakfasts were held by all Radiant Communities on Saturday, November 17th to benefit the American Red Cross. These fundraisers were a big hit! Residents, family and friends all gathered to help a worthy cause and have a delicious breakfast. Communities also had silent auctions and raffles at the events! Local businesses such as Sysco foods also played a big part in contributing!

In the end, Radiant Senior Living was able to present the American Red Cross branch with over $6300!

Worried that you missed out? You can still donate to the Red Cross here and help out the millions of Americans who benefit from disaster relief, medical training, blood donations, and so many other wonderful services.

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