90 Years of ‘Great Life’

Long-Time Baycrest Village Resident Celebrates 90th Birthday

Marcia Beber shares her outgoing personality and giving heart with her Baycrest Village family and readers of the Radiant Senior Living blog.

Meet Marcia Beber #SeniorsBeingAwesome // Radiant Senior Living Blog

“Next year!? I don’t know that I’m looking forward to anything in particular. Everything is lovely. I am perfectly happy. Fortunately, I’m an old lady. I turn 90, that’s pretty good.” – Marcia Beber

“My life has always been great,” said Baycrest Village resident of 23 years, Marcia Beber.

This December Marcia—pronounced MARCY-ah, but you can call her Marcie—celebrates her 90th birthday. As she steps into her 91st year, she took a little time to share a bit of her story and thoughts about the future with the team at Baycrest Village where she has lived for the past 23 years.

Marcia Beber moved into her home at Evergreen Court, the Independent Living community within Baycrest Village in 1991. She recently moved from her Evergreen Court residence over to the Assisted Living at Baycrest Village.

“I haven’t gotten tired with [Baycrest Village] yet,” she said with a laugh as she reflected over her 23 years at the Continuum of Care Senior Living community, “I hope they haven’t gotten tired of me!”

Baycrest Village staff and residents could not tire of Marcia. Her sense of humor and joy in the moment is catching to those around her.

“She has a larger than life personality and I simply adore her,” shared Terri Stamsos the Executive Assistant at Baycrest Village who has known Marcia for many years.

“Back in the early 1990s at Evergreen Court, when I used to take the residents on outings as the Program Director, Marcia was always dressed to the hilt in her matching pant suits—always with coordinated gloves and hats. Every time we went out to lunch Marcia would order a pie ala mode. She never made any apologies for the fact that she would rather just skip right to dessert,” Terri recalled.

Telling it like it is and being true to herself has always been Marcia’s way.

“One of the things about being a senior… generally you can speak what you want! But, I’ve done that all my life, so what’s different now?” she explained.

“Marcia is a joy to have on our floor and in our community,” said Sara Miller, Caregiver at the Assisted Care community at Baycrest Village.

“She tells it like it is and that is that. She has definitely made her mark on this world,” Sara said.

Marcia has made her mark on the world with her true-to-self personality and her giving heart. Marcia worked hard as a volunteer, and later an employee, at the North Bend Library for many years.

“I’m a volunteer type person… I’ve done a lot of volunteering,” Marcia explains of her accomplishments in life. She received the Volunteer of the Year award from the Oregon Alliance of Senior and Health Services in 1999. Marcia counts her volunteer work among her greatest accomplishments.

“I hope it helped others,” she said and then continued with a laugh, “They certainly got an earful!”

Baycrest Village is happy to celebrate with Marcia as she enters her 90th year of life. Her giving heart, contagious laughter, and larger-than-life personality have been a welcomed and cherished addition to our community.



Interview // Krystal  Elzner, Community Relations Director of Baycrest Village
Staff interviews  // Terri Stamsos, Executive Assistant at Baycrest Village
Article // Jenni Bost, Radiant Senior Living Social Media & Marketing Specialist

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