Three South Pointe Couples Celebrate 70 Years of Marriage

South Pointe, a senior living community located in Everett, Washington, is the home of three couples celebrating over 70 years of marriage this year.

Stan and Maryon Green (right) have been married 73 years as of September 26, 2013. Archie and Imogen Rumppe (back) will be married 71 years on December 22, 2013. Art and Verdie Sather (left) will be married 71 years on December 24, 2013.

The stories of how each couple met was the recent topic for an article featured on The Herald Net, “Where the love began for three couples married for decades.”

It turns out there’s no one secret or magic potion to staying married that long. All it takes are a few basic ingredients: resilience, faith, kindness, humor, love. No doubt good genes help.

–By Andrea BrownHerald Writer


The senior living community, South Pointe, will be hosting individual anniversary parties for all three couples.

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