A Strong Senior Living Team Ensures Quality Care

Full time employees at most businesses spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Employee morale is important for the health of both employees and a business. The American Physiological Association claims that unhappy workplaces may result in increased depression and heart disease rates. While employee health is important, studies also show that staff morale and production are linked, meaning that a better staff morale may mean better job performance.

Theresa Heis, Director of Operations for Baycrst Village Senior Care Communities, believes a focus on teamwork and improving team morale in business, but especially in Senior Living, is essential.

Happy Team Members Ensure The Best Care

Happy team members ensure the best care.

Baycrest Village Senior Care Communities Focus on Strong Team to Ensure Quality Care

Baycrest Village and its senior care communities reside on 14 beautiful acres in North Bend and Coos Bay, Oregon. Offering services in Independent Living, Assisted Care, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, and Memory Care, the expansive senior living family of communities has nearly 200 employees.

Director of Operations Theresa Heis oversees all components of care at Baycrest Village. Heis focuses on creating a strong, cohesive, and happy team, which she believes leads to happy residents and families.

“It is important to have a strong team, especially in Senior Living, in order to provide consistent quality care services, and to maintain fiscal responsibility,” explained Heis.

With over 40 years of experience in the senior living industry and 26 years as a skilled nursing home administrator, Theresa has worked with a variety of communities, and developed different programs to improve the services offered at her communities. Heis joined the Baycrest Village team over the winter of 2013 with a desire to empower her team and to make a positive difference in the community.

“We are doing a lot of neat things here,” said Theresa Heis of her team building efforts with team members of the Baycrest Village Senior Living Communities, “It’s about having fun in the workplace.”

“So much of my staff’s waking hours are spent here taking care of our residents and each other,” Theresa Heis explained, “I want them to be comfortable to communicate and to feel ownership and pride in our community.”

Heis believes that team building begins with promoting a culture of positive change.  Empowering her team to make decisions and to suggest improvements in services promotes teamwork and the best quality outcomes.

“We are passionate about the tools we give staff in order for them to provide the best quality care,” Heis said.

Constant on-going training enables Baycrest Village team members to examine their systems and be a part of a cohesive team approach to making improvements to those systems.

“Of course, we’ve also been hosting a lot of fun events to open communication,” said Heis with a smile.

She believes a well-trained, empowered, and happy staff is the best way to provide the quality of care that she expects from Baycrest Village to remain the provider of choice.

For more information on Baycrest Village please visit their website: www.baycrest-village.com

Additional Resources for Building Strong and Happy Senior Living Teams:

  • Provide an Employee Assistance Program to your team members. An EAP is a program that offers free and confidential services to employees who have personal or work-related problems. They typically cover a broad variety of problems including relationship problems, depression, anxiety, stress management, grief, and more.
  • Denise B. Scott: Catalyst for Change is a great website full of resources for providing person-centered care and creating a culture change in long-term care.
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Why we call Radiant Senior Living ‘Home’

Senior Portrait

A dedication to a continuum of care and senior living services in a person-centered environment.

Aging happens to everyone, but it is not the same for everyone.  As a family-owned business with over 35 years in the senior housing and healthcare field, we know that seniors vary in their needs, desires, and tastes. We aim to provide a continuum of care of senior-living services throughout our many communities by providing the best options for retirement and beyond.

Radiant Senior Living was formed in mid-2011 with headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Our home office provides support to our 14 Senior Living Communities throughout Oregon, Washington, and Montana, staffing 850 employees and serving over 1,100 residents at all levels of care.

The home-office team– led by Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer, James Guffee and Chief Operating Officer, Jodi L. Guffee– is comprised of professionals with many years of experience in and a passion for the Senior Living field.

“The ‘Home Office’ as we refer to ourselves is important to how we support our teams of ‘families’ in all of our Radiant Communities,” says Jodi of the home office’s purpose. “The personal touch of ‘home’ instead of ‘corporate’ allows our staff to know that we are committed to the personal connection we make at every level. We believe that you are ‘home’ at a Radiant Community because you are a part of the family.”

Radiant Senior Living offers a family of services to meet the housing and healthcare needs of seniors at every stage of life. We have successfully developed 10 senior housing projects including retirement, assisted living, memory care, and state-of-the-art skilled nursing facilities.

Our dedication to care assures that our residents receive the support needed to enjoy the best possible quality of life in retirement, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, in-home, respite, and hospice environments.

Each of our communities is comprised of some of the best in the Senior Living industry. We are proud of the passion that is shown by our staff. We hear from residents and their family of the great care and attention shown by our administrators, community relations directors, caregivers, house keepers, nurses, kitchen staff, and maintenance staff. Our team of dedicated and compassionate staff is there when needed.

As a family of senior living communities, it is our mission to create and sustain comfortable, caring environments for those who depend on us. Our goal is to help our residents achieve maximum independence, while supplying excellent social, physical and emotional support. We offer exceptional wellness programs, social activities, and health care in a family atmosphere to create a community that can be called home.

Visit our website to view all of our Radiant Senior Living communities and the services that they offer.

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South Pointe Activity Treats Residents to a Day of Glamour and Photographs


Each of our communities has a full event and activities calendar designed to engage residents. The communities Activity Directors have a true passion for the work that they do in creating and leading activities that are designed for seniors with varying interests and care needs. They keep their communities fun and active with exercise classes, social hours, excursions, live entertainment and more.

“I believe that a great activity department is the soul of the community,” said South Pointe Assisted and Independent Living’s Activity Director Elizabeth Mason.

Elizabeth enjoys creating events for residents that celebrates their lives—past, present, and future. She has put together anniversary parties for residents celebrating many years of marriage, planned exciting holiday events with live musical guests, and treated residents to a day of glamour and photographs.

“Activities are more than just fun and games— though there is a lot of that! It is about happiness. If your residents are happy, your community is happy,” she explains.

Recently, Elizabeth put together a day of glamour for residents to be treated to a Mary Kay makeover, the attention of a hairdresser, and styled photographs. Both men and women participated in, getting their photographs taken.

Elizabeth provided two back drops, several hats, feather boas, fur collars, gloves, and plenty of jewelry for residents to use if they wished. Many of South Pointe’s female residents enjoyed dressing up.

Participating residents enjoyed seeing their photos up on the wall and sharing photos with family members.

“I was going to take the photos down after Valentine’s Day, but the residents requested that I leave them up until the end of the month!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

For more about the importance of activities in Senior Living visit the following websites:

Alzheimer’s Reading Room “Teepa Snow on Planning Activities” 
A Place for Mom “Beyond Bingo: Activities at Today’s Senior Communities”
Read more about South Pointe on the South Pointe Website.
Stay updated with Radiant Senior Living Community Activities by following Radiant Senior Living on Facebook!

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Radiant Senior Living Communities Donate to Veterans’ Organizations

The Amercian Legion Gallatin 14 Accepting

The American Legion Gallatin 14 accepting a donation of $2,050 from our Bozeman Lodge community.

It is our pleasure and honor to have many veterans living in our communities. Stories of heroism, travel, acts of kindness, and lessons learned—just like the story of Cliff Gifford veteran of the U.S. Navy– often come in from the men and women that served our country that are now living as part of the Radiant Senior Living family. These men and women inspired our team to give back to veterans.

In efforts to support veterans, both living in our communities and the surrounding areas, we participated in a month-long fundraising promotion. Our Senior Living communities in Oregon, Washington, and Montana worked hard to support their local veterans’ organization. We were amazed about the response to the fundraising and are proud of our teams for coming together and gathering over $27,000 for veterans!

“Our heartfelt thanks go out to the brave men and women who have faithfully served to protect our country,” said James Guffee, President and CEO, “and we’re honored to raise funds for the local Veterans’ organizations serving our communities.”

Our teams are presenting their checks to their chosen local veterans’ organization at events scheduled from February through April. Follow along via our Facebook page to see pictures and read stories from these events.

Oregon Senior Living Communities Donating to Veterans’ Organizations

Barnett Woods—Retirement Living in Medford, OR—VFW Post #2302 $3600

Baycrest Village— Retirement and Senior-Care Services in North Bend, OR—Point Man Ministries $3600

Farmington Square Beaverton—Assisted and Memory Care in Beaverton, OR—Martin J. Ryan VFW $600

Farmington Square Eugene—Assisted and Memory Care in Eugene, OR—Veterans Services of Lane County $4200

Farmington Square Medford—Memory Care Community in Medford, OR—VA SORCC 135 $2400

Farmington Square Salem—Assisted and Memory Care in Salem, OR—VFW661 $5400

Farmington Square Tualatin— Assisted and Memory Care inTualatin, OR—VFW Post 3452 $1800

Pioneer Village— Retirement and Assisted Care Community in Jacksonville,OR—Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation $3000

Washington Senior Living Communities Donating to Veterans’ Organizations

Ashley Pointe—Retirement and Assisted Care in Lake Stevens, WA—American Legion Post #181 $600

South Pointe—Retirement and Assisted Care in Everett, WA—VFW661 $600

Montana Senior Living Community Donating to a Local Veterans’ Organization

Bozeman Lodge— Retirement and Assisted Care in Bozeman, MT—American Legion Gallatin Post 14 $2050



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Have a Radiant Valentine’s Day


A sweetheart dinner at our Farmington Square Medford community.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our Radiant Senior Living family to you and yours! Our communities are all enjoying a weekend full of Valentine’s Day related activities to celebrate. We encourage you to follow along on our Facebook as we share community photos this weekend.

And, because it is Valentine’s Day, we’d like to celebrate love by sharing our recent post about three wonderful couples who each celebrated over 70 years of marriage this past year! Click on over to read more and pick up a secret or two on how to love a lifetime!

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Share Your Favorite Holiday Traditions



Our communities are decking their halls in celebration of the Holiday Season. Christmas trees are being decorated, stockings are being hung on mantles with care, and holiday tunes are filling the air. One of our favorite things to do each season is talk with our residents about the holiday traditions that they enjoy each year.

Some of our favorite traditions each holiday season include:

  • Decorating our hallways with holiday cheer and our community buildings with beautiful lights!
  • Touring the town in our bus to view all the holiday lights. Hot cocoa is a great addition to this favorite tradition!
  • Singing carols or having carol singers visit our communities and listening to our favorite holiday songs.
  • Delicious Holiday dinners with friends and family.
  • Adopting local families to surprise with holiday gifts.
  • Going to pick out the perfect trees for our communities.
  • And much more…

We’d love to know…

What is YOUR favorite holiday tradition? Comment below!

And, don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page to see updates and photos from our holiday celebrations!


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Honoring Our Veterans: Veteran Cliff Gillard

Ashley Pointe Veterans

Ashley Pointe enjoyed an afternoon of honoring U.S. Veterans on Veterans Day 2013

In honoring the Veterans that reside in our community we have asked to share some of their stories. We sat down with some of the veterans in our community and just listened to the stories of their lives. Their stories often brought about wonderful images of love, funny memories, and glimpses of the importance of family. In this month of Thanksgiving, and as we move into the holiday season, let us take a moment to glimpse at the life of a veteran, remember their service, and honor them.

Glimpses at the Lives and Service of U.S. Veterans: The Story of Cliff Gillard

Glimpses at the Lives and Services of US Veterans

Cliff was born in a little town in north Idaho right on the shores of Lake Pend Orielle. His biological mother passed from illness when he was 10 months old, and Cliff was adopted by a loving family just 30 miles from his birthplace.

His adopted family surrounded him with love while he grew up on their dairy farm just outside of town. Cliff remembers a time being chased with his mother by the resident bull across the pastures of the farm—thankfully, they both made it to safety!

He shares a memory of meeting the woman he would spend 68 years—Martha Lee, or as Cliff called her, Little Jo. Jo was a senior and Cliff was a freshman when they first met. Cliff shared that the thought Jo was “about the cutest thing ever,” and he queried her friends about her. After she was informed of Cliff’s interest, she wrote him a note, and slipped it to him in the hallway of their school. The note read, “My name is Martha Lee [Last Name] and my folks are Bill and Myrtle [Last Name] and I live next to the Busy Bee School.”

The note was the beginning of a long-lasting, and loving, relationship. After marriage Cliff and Little Jo lived with Cliff’s parents on the dairy farm.

Cliff shared that before the draft began, and before he married, he had tried to join the Navy but was rejected because of his bad teeth. Cliff worked as a farmer after being rejected from the Navy. While working as a farmer he joined a Farmer’s Denture Club for $20 a year and got his upper teeth pulled. As the war got worse and the draft began, Cliff was drafted into the Navy even after having no upper teeth. Cliff was based at Farragut Navel Station for four months and then was transferred to the Naval Air Station in Norman, Oklahoma.

Before their kids were born, Cliff and Jo loved riding off on adventures on their Harley motorcycle. As little as Jo was (4’9”), she swung her leg over their bike and rode off with a big smile on her face. Cliff shared that Jo thought nothing of high speeds and leaning over the corners on that Harley.

Cliff and Jo went on to have three children and to work alongside each other in their body shop they built in Idaho near Cliff’s parent’s home.

Once Cliff and Jo retired they spent their time traveling with either their Gold Wing motorcycle, or their little pickup truck. They traveled the lower 48 and the West thoroughly. Cliff shared that they loved to go on roads they had never been on. In their travels, Cliff drove and Jo was the head navigator.

In 2011 Cliff lost Jo to a stroke. He moved to Ashley Pointe one year later. He enjoys spending time with his new-found friends, playing bingo, and chatting.

Ashley Pointe is honored to have Cliff as our resident! Thank you for your service and your story Cliff!

Our Commitment: During the month of November we take a little extra time to say, “Thank You” to the men and women that have served our country. Our Ashley Pointe community has made the commitment to giving 50% of their November new move-in community fees to American Legion Post 181.






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Happy Veterans Day: Saying Thank You


Open Source Photo Via Wikipedia

We are honored to have veterans in our Radiant Senior Living family. We’d like to extend our thanks to all of those who have served, and the families of those who have served, on this very special day.

Throughout the month of November we are honoring our Veterans in a variety of ways:

  • Each of our communities have made the commitment to give 50% of each of their new move-in community fees for the month of November to a local veterans organization. The entire Radiant Senior Living family is giving back to Veterans this month.
  • Veterans Day celebrations and honor ceremonies are happening at our many communities. Visit the websites of your local Radiant Senior Living community to learn about current activities.
  • We are sharing stories of Veterans living in our communities throughout the month beginning this upcoming Friday. Check back with our blog or Follow us on Facebook to see upcoming posts!

We aren’t the only ones saying thanks this Veterans Day. We love to see so many businesses and individuals supporting our veterans. Many area restaurants are supporting Veterans throughout the month of November and today, on Veterans Day, through discounts or free meals.

Restaurant specials going on this month in thanks to Veterans:

  • Olive Garden is offering several specials for Veterans and Military members. Military members and their families can receive 10% off of their meals this month. On Veteran’s Day both Veterans and current service members can receive a free entree off of the Olive Garden Specials Menu today, November 11, 2013. Visit Olive Garden’s Specials page for more information and rules for these offers.
  • Applebee’s Restaurant is offering current and past service members a free entree from their Veterans and Active Duty Military Thank You Menu today, November 11, 2013. Visit Applebee’s website for more information and rules regarding their Veterans Day offer.
  • Former and active duty service members and their spouses get a free tall brewed coffee today, Veteran’s Day 2013. Visit Starbuck’s Veterans page for more information on this deal and for information about what Starbucks has committed to doing for Veterans.
  • See the 2013 Veterans Day Discount page on the Military Benefits website for even more deals.

Thank you to current Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families. We appreciate your service. We commend your sacrifices. We support you.

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Three South Pointe Couples Celebrate 70 Years of Marriage

70 Years of Marriage

South Pointe couples celebrating over 70 years of marriage

South Pointe, a senior living community located in Everett, Washington, is the home of three couples celebrating over 70 years of marriage this year.

Stan and Maryon Green (right) have been married 73 years as of September 26, 2013. Archie and Imogen Rumpe (back) will be married 71 years on December 22, 2013. Art and Verdi Sather (left) will be married 71 years on December 24, 2013.

The stories of how each couple met was the recent topic for an article featured on The Herald Net, “Where the love began for three couples married for decades.”

It turns out there’s no one secret or magic potion to staying married that long. All it takes are a few basic ingredients: resilience, faith, kindness, humor, love. No doubt good genes help.

–By Andrea BrownHerald Writer


The senior living community, South Pointe, will be hosting individual anniversary parties for all three couples.

Follow along with our Facebook page to see photos of these upcoming celebrations! 

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Radiant Senior Living Communities Make Commitment to Support Veterans


We are proud and honored to have many veterans living in our communities. In efforts to support veterans, both living in our communities and surrounding areas, all of our Radiant Senior Living Communities have made the decision to give 50% of November move-in community fees to a veterans’ organization.

Explore our communities and their chosen veterans’ organizations:

  • Ashley Pointe: Washington Senior Living Community committing to donate promotion proceeds to American Legion Post 181.
  • Barnett Woods: Medford, Oregon Senior Living Community committing to donate promotion proceeds to VFW Post 2302.
  • Baycrest Village: North Bend, Oregon Senior Living Community committing to donate promotion proceeds to Point Man International Ministries Outpost 101.
  • Beaverton’s Farmington Square: Portland-area Senior Living Community committing to donate promotion proceeds to Martin J. Ryan VFW.
  • Bozeman Lodge: Bozeman, Montana Retirement community committing to donate promotion proceeds to American Legion Post 14.
  • Eugene’s Farmington Square: Senior Living Community in Eugene, Oregon committing to donate promotion proceeds to Veterans Services of Lane County.
  • Gresham’s Farmington Square: Senior Living Community in Gresham, Oregon committing to donate promotion proceeds to VFW Post 180.
  • La Conner Retirement Inn: Washington Retirement community committing to donate promotion proceeds to Growing Veterans.
  • Medford’s Farmington Square: Southern Oregon Senior Living Community committing to donate promotion proceeds to the VA’s Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Centers and Clinics.
  • Pioneer Village: A Jacksonville, Oregon retirement community committing to donate promotion proceeds to Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation.
  • Salem’s Farmington Square: Salem Senior Living Community committing to donate promotion proceeds to VFW 661.
  • South Pointe: Service-rich senior living community committing to donate promotion proceeds to local VFW.
  • Tualatin’s Farmington Square: Tualatin, Oregon senior living community committing to donate promotion proceeds to VFW 3452.

Follow along this month as we honor veterans.

Like us on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter.


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